Townsend Slotting Machines

Townsend milling machines move manufacturing entities by providing a means of making useful products. Everywhere you turn, there are machines that operate without thought, cars, oil rigs, elevators, heavy equipment, and other products. These items make life convenient for millions, thanks to slotting machines.

Townsend drilling machines create quality products by shaping heavy metals. The machine operates with a 250mm stroke and a 500mm table. Some machines function with a rotary table carrying an automatic feed. There are two types of slotting machines in use:

Puncher Slotter

The Puncher slot takes large chunks of wood or metal and forces about 2kgs of material from the material.

Precision Slotter

This machine finishes the work of the puncher. It creates detail, removing unnecessary leftover materials from the product.


Making slots
Punching holes
Making gears

The machine moves vertically, shaping grooves. The machines are tough, designed for rigid wear. The lever can change speed with controls conveniently located on one side for the controller operation. These machines operate on ball bearings and carry a hand auto stop for easy lubrication.

Townsend drilling machines are valuable assets anywhere precision is required, by cutting calculated grooves into metals that would take hundreds of man-hours if done by hand. In addition, the distance precision is calculated accurately with the slotting machine.

Townsend milling machines are suitable for high-speed production or in tool rooms. These machines make the manufacturing of any product easier by managing correct measurements of furniture, electrical or automotive products. The slotting machine is easy to operate and maintain.

Machine Specifications:

1.Single lever operation for controlling speed while the machine continues to operate.
2.Strong material for wear under harsh conditions.
3.Steel gears operate on multi-spine shafts.
4.Drum clutch for a stop at any point while performing.

Townsend Slotting machines are found in factories around the world, and its operation is very important to users. Therefore, finding the best possible manufacturer of these machines is crucial to the successful operation of a business. Townsend slotting Machines only uses the best materials in the development of its drilling machines, working hard to help our customers reach their manufacturing goals.

Townsend Machines though precision Machining in Aerospace

Townsend Machines: Precision Machining For the Aerospace Industry

When you need help with machining projects, you need to know that the people you rely on have the job experience. Working with us is one way you can guarantee you will get an experienced crew on any machining projects you need help with. Our services range from welding to quality assurance on your supply chain. No matter what you need help with, we will be there for you when you need us the most.

Townsend Machines: Full Range of Services

We offer a wide variety of services that include assembly, production, and testing of different products. Many of our largest clients belong to the aviation industry, and we are well known for producing quality custom parts for them.

Precision Machining

When it comes to machining sometimes, you must have incredible levels of precision. It is incredibly important that the final product comes back exactly as the diagrams specified. Otherwise, it could cause issues. When you need to be certain that your production line will be done just as specified, then you are in the right place. We have both the equipment and the skill necessary to produce parts with incredible precision levels for any project that you need help with.

Aviation Prototypes

One of our biggest services is the production of prototypes for companies in the aerospace industry. These should be as simple as single part custom prototypes. While we may not necessarily be classified as a prototype business, it is one of our business activities’ biggest parts. If you need help prototyping anything in the aerospace industry, you can rely on our skill to correctly get it done. Do not settle for less whenever you can work with the best.

Custom Parts Production

When you are working with specific machines, you must have any replacement parts custom manufactured because they are not mass-produced. If you need to find a custom replacement part for a machine that has no mass-produced replacement parts, then you can call us, and we will be glad to assist you with your project. Whether you need to have several of them produced were only one we will be able to provide you with all of your help.

High-Volume Manufacturing

Finally, if you need help producing a high volume custom machine parts, we will help you out. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with the parts they need promptly on the schedule they want. Do not let yourself be run around because you are working with a company that does not value your time as much as you do. Choose to work with a company that will put you at the top of their priorities, no matter what.

Notable Client

Many large companies have worked with us, including notable ones such as Honeywell. Six Flags, DuPont, and Princeton University, are all also additional clients of ours.

Why the Townsend Machine is a Hit in the Aircraft construction Industry

Why the Townsend Machine is a Hit in the Aircraft Construction Industry

Townsend machine is a machine used in the aeroplane/aerospace manufacturing industry. The term “aerospace” means the technology used to produce, operate and maintain an aircraft. With the advancement in technology various types of machines have been introduced in the market to ease and speed up work involved in this field.With the increasing need to travel around the world, different companies have come up with various machines to help speed up the manufacture of aeroplanes and to boost capacity in this sector. It is from this need that the townsend machine was introduced in the aerospace industry. Here, we will explore in detail the use of the above machine in Aircraft construction and its advantages.

About Townsend Machines

Developing planes is very expensive and the having a solution that cuts the cost is always welcome. The perfect solution lies in a machine that can perform several functions at the same time. This is exactly what the Townsend does. It eases the operations of planes and reduces the cost of making one. This machine is an automatically operated machine with various parts performing different functions. The various parts of this machine are:

• Hopper blade
• Hopper
• Drilling attachment
• Tool bar
• Cut cam lever
• Knock off wheel assembly
• Pick off ARM
• Machine spindle
• Tool holder
• Operators controls
• Variable speed control
• Cam shaft
• Variable speed control spindle

Each of these parts has a distinct function. From the speed control to the wheel assembly to the tools holder, this is the much-needed solution to aeroplane development problems. In Townsend, the different parts of the machine have specifications that developers have found really useful. There are three types of the Timesend depending on the machine size. These are high speed, No. 2 and No. 3. The No. 3 is the largest with a floor space of 53 x 36 and the High Speed is the smallest with floor space of 44 x 38 while the No. 2 has a 46 x 34 floor space. All three machines have the same spindle speed of 2,800 RPM. As for the weight, the No. 2 weighs 1000 lbs and is the lightest option while the High Speed weights 1,900 lbs. The longest blanks in the No. 2 and High Speed are 3” while in the No. 3, they are 5″.


• Drilling
• Cycling
• Chip removal
• Positioning
• Tool change
• Quality improvement


• Return on investment
With the ability to perform different functions at the same time, this reduces the cost which could have been incurred to acquire different machines to perform the same functions.
• Quality output
This is witnessed in the fact that Townsend machine is able to produce surfaces which are smooth thus giving quality output to its users.
• Time saving
It saves time in the sense that it is able to perform different tasks at the same time
• Increase opportunities.
With its good qualities, it increases future prospects of customers turning to it for their use.

Specifications Met Well in Metal Working

Metal Working Machines Meet Specifications

In the metal working industry, it is important to be specific. There are many types of jobs they make it for. They make machines for the projects specifically. Designed to meet the requirements of each job. Metal-working machinery used for production get the flow of it done well. Our work takes specifications and builds them into them. The metal cutting machines are for builders, and engineers to complete projects. They build custom Rolling Mills machines for things like heavy ingot breakdown, laboratory research, and coil to coil running. Productivity will be increased by using them. Having engineers create them to meet demands for each job.

Different Machines For All Product Types

There custom made machines are a part of a much larger line up of metal-working machinery. There are also Wire Flattening and Shaping, Turks Heads, Swager, and Drawbenches. Many clients come to us for wire flattening and shaping services. They come to get productivity, precision, and versatility from our machines. They can rely on it to have their specific wiring needs handled. From the range of .002 to 2.00 in diameter. Their jobs are completed, when wiring comes to be required.

Small Metal Tools Precision Made

The company Davenport Machinery is changing the way the multi spindle screw technology is made. They have been doing this for over a hundred years. It is the trusted choice of many screw manufactures worldwide. Making these metal cutting machines is done with skill and precision. They have a lot of businesses that use them, and on a regular basis. Their machines are an excellent choice for technology purposes. This machine is the standard for, screw manufacturers all over the world. The precision they have is what they desire. Worldwide precision tools are made by many companies. Using them gains trust that can last for years.

Technical Requirements Created Well

Their Hybrid machines have the versatility of others. This includes the multi spindle machine. It also has the accuracy gotten by CNC machines. Screws made by them get our production going. The technical levels they reach are as high as anywhere. This is done with over 100 years of experience. They are trusted to many businesses. Machine shops have a wide range of machinery. From Beveling machines, to hydraulic presses, to drill presses. Meeting quality standards is at a higher level, and so is meeting specifications.

Metal Working Follows Strict Standards

The company Townsend Machines has similar types like other companies. Like the low profile magnetic drill, and the Metal Ace shrinkers/stretchers. Using machines that have their unique specifications is their purpose. Townsend Machines are a type of machine, and work like press brakes, and lathes at other companies. There are machines for many companies to create parts. Many are experienced and have years to prove it. This includes all types of metal working creations. A wide selection is available for all types of these jobs. They use their experience and have superior craftsmanship also.