Townsend Slotting Machines

Townsend milling machines move manufacturing entities by providing a means of making useful products. Everywhere you turn, there are machines that operate without thought, cars, oil rigs, elevators, heavy equipment, and other products. These items make life convenient for millions, thanks to slotting machines.

Townsend drilling machines create quality products by shaping heavy metals. The machine operates with a 250mm stroke and a 500mm table. Some machines function with a rotary table carrying an automatic feed. There are two types of slotting machines in use:

Puncher Slotter

The Puncher slot takes large chunks of wood or metal and forces about 2kgs of material from the material.

Precision Slotter

This machine finishes the work of the puncher. It creates detail, removing unnecessary leftover materials from the product.


Making slots
Punching holes
Making gears

The machine moves vertically, shaping grooves. The machines are tough, designed for rigid wear. The lever can change speed with controls conveniently located on one side for the controller operation. These machines operate on ball bearings and carry a hand auto stop for easy lubrication.

Townsend drilling machines are valuable assets anywhere precision is required, by cutting calculated grooves into metals that would take hundreds of man-hours if done by hand. In addition, the distance precision is calculated accurately with the slotting machine.

Townsend milling machines are suitable for high-speed production or in tool rooms. These machines make the manufacturing of any product easier by managing correct measurements of furniture, electrical or automotive products. The slotting machine is easy to operate and maintain.

Machine Specifications:

1.Single lever operation for controlling speed while the machine continues to operate.
2.Strong material for wear under harsh conditions.
3.Steel gears operate on multi-spine shafts.
4.Drum clutch for a stop at any point while performing.

Townsend Slotting machines are found in factories around the world, and its operation is very important to users. Therefore, finding the best possible manufacturer of these machines is crucial to the successful operation of a business. Townsend slotting Machines only uses the best materials in the development of its drilling machines, working hard to help our customers reach their manufacturing goals.