Automatic Second Operation Metal Cutting Machines


Secondary Operation Machines


The machines described here represent advanced design in modern second operation machines based on principles developed in the first tonsils Townsend Machines in 1910 , and consistently refined ever since. 

Today, we offer complete solutions to many machining problems . There are four basic machine sizes, each with many optional features in attachments . The high speed machine and number 2 Machine are preferred for most applications , since they have the capacity for the widest range of parts in the more common sizes.

Every Townsend machine features automatic feeder and parts injectors… a main drive including positive mechanical cams and linkages, so that all motions are interlocked and sequenced most sufficiently. Auxiliary controls in complex circuitry are not required . Other advantages are automatic chucking interchangeable spindles and easy tooling .

General Specifications

Machine sizeHigh SpeedNo. 2No. 3
Largest blank diameter for jaw-type spindle3/4"1/2"7/8"
Longest blank - standard overall length3"3"5"
Spindle speed - ball bearing spindle, RPM280028002800
Maximum production rate - cycles/hour240024002400
Floor space - length x depth44 x 3846 x 3453 x 36
Approximate net weight, lbs.190010001200

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